Data room can significantly reduces costs of preparing Due Diligence documentation

In today’s world, the rapid development of business processes requires managers to take a seriously integrated approach to business research. That is why the most demanded service for people who have their own business is due diligence.

How to Prepare the Process of Due Diligence Documentation?

The complex and multi-stage process of due diligence documentation, in most cases carried out insufficiently carefully, creates a lot of opportunities for errors in documents and procedures and, accordingly, for the recognition of privatization as invalid. The result may be the return to the state of privatized production facilities, equipment, infrastructure, or long and costly lawsuits.

As a rule, at the stage of preliminary negotiations, only business issues of the upcoming transaction are discussed, and the help of lawyers is often neglected. However, often the negotiation experience of lawyers gained in previous transactions can save a significant amount of time and effort when discussing not only legal issues. The main drivers of transactions in a crisis are either the need to get rid of non-core assets or the desire to buy cheaply a company that is experiencing financial difficulties.

In our time, the concept of due diligence documentation has acquired a fairly broad meaning. Today, due diligence means a comprehensive audit conducted by an investor in order to assess the various risks associated with investing. As a rule, it is carried out when deciding whether to purchase a share in a business or a business project as a whole.

Monitoring of tax risks (“tax due diligence”) is a special type of work for tax consultants, which includes three interrelated elements:

    • identification and assessment of existing tax risks of the taxpayer-client;
    • recommendations for minimizing the identified tax risks;
    • optimization and minimization of taxation of the taxpayer-client.

Reduce the Cost of Due Diligence Documentation with the VDR

Before the era of the spread of the data room provider, familiarization of potential participants in the transaction with documents, as well as due diligence documentation looked like this: the seller allocated or rented one or more premises into which folders with paper documents were taken, and recorded the rent or lost profit from the misuse of the premises as an expense.

The Virtual Data Room provides access to secure documents for authorized users through a dedicated website or through secure agent applications. In the M&A process, a data room is created as part of a central repository of data about companies or divisions that are being acquired or sold. The data room allows stakeholders to view business-related information in a controlled environment where confidentiality can be maintained.

Due diligence documentation with the virtual data room is a set of measures aimed at collecting objective information and expert evaluation of information about the investment object. The cost of conducting due diligence on a company depends on a number of factors, but such a check is extremely important for business owners – it allows you to quickly get a reasoned answer about the feasibility of financial investments, assess the investment risk in the intended object.

Administrators will be able to track which of the investors, how long and with which documents will work. It will not be possible to print or save materials about assets. In addition, all documents placed in the data room will be marked with special watermarks.

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